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zelda hines Hello, I'm Zelda.

I am so thrilled that you came across my page. I do not believe that it was a coincidence.  I have been in the education and counseling field for 30+ years as an elementary school teacher, middle school counselor, and contractor for various mental health agencies.

Within my career path, it has equipped me with an understanding of the vitalness of genuineness and creating a "safe place." People are hurting and empty inside and it is going to take more than "coaching" but truly equipping individuals with "tried and true" evidence-based practices to help a person maintain living above their situation.

I truly believe with my combination of experience in both areas that I bring a wealth of skills that provide evidence-based treatments which result in positive clinical outcomes.  I look forward to experiencing this journey with you.

What can clients expect to take away from sessions with you?

During times of difficulties, it is hard for us to realize the unlimited, unsurpassing ability that lies within us to conquer and overcome any challenge that comes our way. Every human being wants to know his/her "purpose" the path that has already been prepared and waiting to be discovered; however, life happens. None of us are exempted, but the good news is that you can learn to live life on purpose and find joy day to day!

In my sessions, my aim is to guide you in uncovering the root cause contributing to your unhappiness, worries, anger, and unhealthy behaviors whether you are a parent with young children or teens or for yourself. My vision of wellness is wholeness in spirit, mind, and body. I target all three areas of an individual to have nothing missing and nothing broken.

What treatment methods and tools do you utilize?

As stated earlier, our mind is the "control center" of our life. It governs every aspect of an individual. In my sessions, my preferred method of treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. CBT is often the preferred type of psychotherapy because it can quickly help a person identify and cope with specific challenges and has proven to have a strong empirical base among treatments.

This approach is effective for all ages. Especially parents, if your child is experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, the list goes on. It is all centered around unhealthy thinking patterns which can be changed if the person wants to change. My techniques include; journaling, unraveling cognitive distortions, cognitive restructuring, exposure/response prevention, and Christian-accommodative(upon request).

Explain to clients what areas you feel are your biggest strengths.

With my clients, I come from a strength-based approach unlocking inner strengths that are already implanted within an individual. I truly believe that we already have the resources that we need to face any life situation inside of us it is just a matter of not allowing those "outside" forces to get inside of our hearts and minds. "For as he thinketh, in his heart so is he." "Be careful what you think, because your thoughts run your life." (NCV translation)

As human beings, we were created to live life more abundantly to the full till it overflows. My years of working with families within the education and counseling field have equipped me in understanding that the bottom line of all human existence is being whole in all areas, spirit, mind, and body which impacts us and others.

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